Kentwood High School Jazz Band

​Royal Dancing

2017 King, Mr. Charles Bennett and Queen Ms. Eula Williams

Parish Councilman Louis Joseph, 2014 Queen, Ms. Joann McKnight; 1997 Queen, Ms. Ola Porter; 2017 King, Mr. Charles Bennett; 2017 Queen, Ms. Eula Williams; 2013 Queen, Ms. Zelma White; 2016 Queen, Ms. Rachel Ard and Fair Grand Marshal, State Rep. Steve Pugh

Thanks to our Sponsors (see SPONSOR page), more than $18,000 was raised for direct services to residents of Tangipahoa Parish age 60 and older.

​TVCOA Annual Meeting

2017 Walk For Seniors and Annual Picnic

​Special Thanks to the participants who help with the many tasks of operating the senior centers daily.  Many hours of help is donated by cleaning, counting contributions, serving one another and anything else they see that needs to be done.  This generosity of time and talents totaled more than 2,700 hours in fiscal year 2016-17.  

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